Caring For Restaurant And
Hospitality Workers in Crisis

The highest concentration of need in the nation is hidden behind the smiles of those working in restaurants and hotels. We care for them.

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caring for those most in need

Hidden behind the smiles of those working in the restaurants and hotels is the highest concentration of need in the nation. Our industry is full of amazing and gifted people and hires people no other industry will. These hard-working people have significantly increased risk for financial and emotional crisis as compared to other industries. In fact, EVERY one of the ten lowest-paid jobs in the country is in our industry based on 2020 statistics. Yet because hospitality workers are naturally required to keep smiles on their faces, their needs are virtually invisible to the world. Their job is to serve and take care of others – Big Table’s mission is to walk alongside and help take care of them when they need it most.

1 in 6

restaurant workers are below the official poverty line – DOUBLE any other working population


make less than economists say is needed just to make ends meet

“It is more of a family than a non-profit. Big Table is like a port in the storm. It has reaffirmed my faith in people.“
david | care recipient

hope is always on the menu

Big Table was born out of a need. A server who couldn't afford medical care. A hotel housekeeper who was on the verge of eviction. A busboy who needed a car repair so he could make his shift. Every story is different. But the pain is the same - hardworking people just struggling to get by. Thanks to our selfless donors and our network of generous partners, including doctors, dentists, therapists, auto mechanics, and lawyers, we are able to meet each of these people at their exact moment of need with exactly the help they need.

We are able to catch them before they fall, building intentional relationships, and offering direction and hope. Won't you join us?

Hope in the Midst of a House Fire

We couldn’t have done it so soon without the help from Big Table. Can’t thank you enough for the help to us. Thank you again and again.

An experienced and popular Spokane bartender, Blaine and his partner lost everything in a tragic apartment fire. But they didn’t lose hope. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Big Table was able to help the couple get into a new apartment by covering their moving expenses. This helped them afford starter furniture as we supported them emotionally along the way. Staying in touch was a joy as Blaine always had the best perspective on life and was quick to celebrate and serve. So much so that he jumped at the idea of serving alongside us at Eats Around the World!


relationships start around the table

how it works

a personal referral

Big Table works on a referral model, not a “hotline” model. We build a network of managers, owners, and employees across the industry and when they see someone in crisis, they submit a personal referral.

immediate crisis care

We respond directly and personally – seeking to meet an immediate crisis need as quickly as possible with the goal of keeping a family or individual from falling off the ledge.

ongoing relationships

Where we see lives truly change is when we are able to shift from triage care to investing in longer term coaching and mentoring with a care recipient. Once the crisis has passed we continue to walk alongside individuals – offering accountability and encouragement.

our mission

Big Table exists to see the lives of those working in the restaurant and hospitality industry transformed by building community and caring for those who are in crisis, transition, or falling through the cracks.