A Community of Care

Today is my brother’s birthday – the one that passed away. You just don’t know what y’all have done for me today.

Jaycie’s apartment tragically burned down, and she lost everything to fire, smoke, and water damage. Her life literally went up in smoke, forcing her to uproot her three precious children to start over. Lack of childcare and a broken-down car led to inconsistent hours and income while working as a bartender at a local bar and grill. She was referred to Big Table for financial and emotional support. 

Our incredible industry partner, FreshPoint, jumped at the chance to support Jaycie through a collaborative Care Blitz! Thanks to their support, 50 loaded Unexpected 20s totaling $1000 were brought to Jaycie over the course of her shift by members of the FreshPoint sales team. Her Big Table care team – Chris and Becky – also stopped by to encourage her, making the day even more special.

She was blown away – overwhelmed with happy tears.