A Drive to Succeed

The car works great, thank you!

Norma recently moved from Wyoming to the Springs to stay with her daughter and her boyfriend in their small apartment. She is starting life over without a phone, a vehicle to get to work, or her own place to live. This blank slate is overwhelming, especially when you have a low credit score making it more difficult. She started working as a housekeeper at a local hotel which requires reliable transportation to stay employed. Her daughter has been helping with rides but will be leaving the area soon. At that point, Norma will be stuck since she doesn’t qualify for a car loan and couldn’t afford to make payments anyway. 

Thanks to a referral to Big Table and our new compassionate friend (and car enthusiast) Willie, Norma now has a fixed-up Buick Enclave to get her to work on time… every time. We met Norma at the DMV and paid to have the car properly re-titled and registered, complete with plates. She was virtually speechless and beyond grateful to have this piece of her new life stabilized.

Colorado Springs