Back On The Road

Thanks for showing up and staying late to help me. I had no idea how to get the help I needed and Big Table stepped in.

We met Kenny after he was referred to us by Kitchens for Good. He was a hardworking young man who was trying his best to improve his skills to become a productive citizen after a history of trauma in his life. Because his resources were tied up in other expenses, he couldn’t cover his car payment for the month. Knowing that his car was critical to getting him to job interviews and stabilized, Big Table helped cover the payment. A few months later, his car broke down. Panicking, he contacted his care coordinator who met him on the side of the road. We helped get the car towed to our Big Table automotive care partner for repair instead of “dumping the car” like he would have done in the past since he didn’t have the resources to get it fixed. This got him back on the road to success and he now has a full time chef position at a local restaurant.

San Diego