Big Table has made a huge difference in my life. You literally brought my smile back!

Jessica is both a waitress and single mother of two children trying to make ends meet after recently coming out of a difficult marriage. Her family came first and as a result of a lack of funding and insurance, she neglected some major dental issues. At the point of her referral, Jessica was missing several teeth and had active infections that were painful and scary.

Our care partners helped us with both the required dentistry and endodontic work needed to bring back Jessica’s smile (literally and figuratively). We encouraged her through the long, extensive process. After several crowns, a root canal, and two bridges, she is now no longer in pain and has a newfound confidence she never thought she’d have. To celebrate securing a fresh new waitressing job, we were excited to provide Jessica’s family gift certificates to a local restaurant. Jessica is entering into such a season of gratitude and her smile is bigger than ever.

San Diego