Crisis To Compassion

I never realized how people could change me for the better. I could not have done this without Big Table and if so, it would have taken another lifetime.

Evidence of her work ethic, Nazzy was working two jobs in local restaurants and enjoying the stability of her first apartment when she lost it all after the industry shut down. She was familiar with years of instability, but this blow hit without warning, leaving her with no job, no home, and little hope. A referral to Big Table helped with food stability, a car payment, and much-needed dental care. But possibly the most valuable thing she needed was someone to shine a light for her – or a “Big Table ally,” as Nazzy shared.

Big Table’s timely encouragement motivated her to harness her determination and tenacity as she got out of debt and stabilized her life. Nazzy and her partner, Nick, recently launched Compassion Catering, as a reflection of who they are and their desire to serve food “made with love.” And in less than a year, they were nominated as one of the three top caterers in Spokane!

Big Table is honored to support and champion Nazzy. Tangibly, we have recently provided her with a new laptop and some other needed catering supplies. With just a little help, Nazzy’s story transformed from crisis to compassion for her community.