I always know that you are there, and just knowing that y’all care about me does more good than I can put into words.

Chris is a well-loved, hard-working chef, passionate about food and people. He was initially referred in 2013 for relational support and counseling resources while managing a difficult season of depression. We stayed connected as the years flew by, checking in and encouraging Chris in whatever circumstances he was in.

In 2022, a co-worker and Big Table friend noticed Chris painstakingly navigate the bus route to/from work and referred him to Big Table to help find reliable transportation. Evident of Chris’ care and camaraderie for others, this community rallied to get him wheels. In partnership with his employer and a local care partner, your support was leveraged to get Chris back on the road.

Fast forward to 2023 (a decade into walking with Chris), he trusted us enough to share that he was in desperate need of a full extraction and dentures due to some long-term dental issues. We’ve lined up care partners to help, and Chris is now motivated to improve his health this year – including a goal to quit smoking – so he is ready for the procedures. What an incredible honor to watch Chris’ ten-year transformational story unfold, bringing with it personal and spiritual growth, a focus on healthy living, and the blessing of a rekindled faith.