In Ericka’s Corner

Big Table has inspired the endless amount of exciting possibilities where I can show that I care for others.

Ericka was referred to Big Table by her manager in hopes that we would support her journey to emotional wholeness and healing. She comes from rocky circumstances, including a volatile split family, resulting in relational heartbreak. Ericka’s maturity and determination had her working towards emotional freedom. She just needed someone in her corner…and some hope. Big Table came alongside Ericka with unconditional care and life coaching. Over coffee dates with her care coordinator, Ericka has become grounded in the power of forgiveness and peace. As hope brightens her life, her faith has increased. Even the quality of her family conversations has improved. This frees her to be confident in making future decisions. She has ambitious plans to become a high school counselor and serve hope to others during impressionable times. 

San Diego