Thanks so much again for all your help both financially and mentally! You’ve truly been such a blessing!

Scott is a divorced father of three children working two jobs as a bartender to make ends meet while juggling the emotions of his new family dynamics. Financially, he hit a wall after recently moving into a new home and receiving an unexpected bill from his former landlord. Scott has always been a gentle soul who would rather care for others than burden anyone himself. But this time, he was at a loss on how to cover the growing list of bills. Thankfully, a colleague at a partner organization knew about Big Table and made a quick referral. Reluctantly, Scott agreed to meet his care coordinator for coffee. Over an intentional conversation, he slowly realized that he didn’t have to handle his challenges alone and accepted our help with his overwhelming rental expenses. Soon after, his car went in for repairs when one of his car wheels was significantly damaged. Unable to pay for the estimated charges, we covered the cost to literally get him back in the driver’s seat so that his transportation to and from work (and resulting income) was uninterrupted. Scott has so much more confidence now that he has a support system and some traction (pun totally intended) toward regaining financial freedom.

Colorado Springs