Walking Through Fire

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me to get to know Jackson. The practical help really was helpful, but this was so much more than that. It is hard to put into words, but thank you.

Tony is a hardworking bartender who lost virtually everything in an apartment fire one night. Although he wasn’t home, thankfully, some brave bystanders and firemen were able to save his beloved Husky Shepard mix and right-hand companion, Jonni. Even so, Tony’s life as he knew it had just burned up in the blink of an eye leaving him feeling helpless as he faced the future.  

Tony is one of the most kind and thoughtful people you would ever meet.” It was no wonder he was referred to Big Table by one of his co-workers to help get him back on his feet emotionally and physically.   

Big Table jumped in with the help of our partners at MultiCare to cover the security deposit for his new place and half the payment due for his second month’s rent. Our friends at Global Neighborhood Thrift gifted Tony a voucher to shop for new work clothes as most of them were completely damaged in the fire.   

But financial support for this unforeseen crisis was just the start of what he needed. Our weekly coffee check-ins gave Tony a caring and critical outlet – and a friend – to process this major life-altering challenge.  

Thanks to your support of Big Table, Tony wasn’t alone walking through the aftermath of this fire. He had a safety net. Tony can now breathe easier as step by step he is getting his life back closer to normal.