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PLEASE NOTE: The Colorado Springs care team is currently being restructured in order to better serve the restaurant and hospitality workers here in the Springs. We will reopen referrals as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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There are so many ways to make a difference in the Springs even now (see below). If you have ideas on who we should connect with in the industry or community, let us know. If you’d like to become a financial or service partner, we would love that, too.

We’d be honored to join together to serve your great community, so let’s connect!



Nearly 26,000 people work in Accommodation and Food Services and make up the 6th largest industry in the Colorado Springs Metro area. Caring for them strategically impacts the whole community.

Since Big Table care started in March 2023, nearly 150 care recipients (and their families) have been served hope through over 1,200 personal care encounters. This covered workers from 57 hotel and restaurants in the area. The best part has been watching transformational stories of hope be written for people just like Brittany.


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Finding Hope and Home

You helped make this possible, I cannot believe it. Thank you so much.

A housekeeper in a local hotel, Brittany was our first care referral in Colorado Springs. She had been struggling to make rent as a single mom while also navigating some tough family dynamics. Initially, Big Table helped her catch up on rent, but Brittany ended up homeless after losing her job months later. We continued to care by providing encouragement and sharing some hard conversations about getting her life on track. Brittany didn’t give up. She landed a new job, diligently saved money, and recently moved into a new place. We were there—with a U-Haul and support. After a redemptive day of lifting and sweating, she is now smiling in a safe, comfortable home again.

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let’s do this. . . together

Join our grassroots Big Table Care Movement by simply bringing hope to those in need by intentionally caring for restaurant and hospitality workers in your everyday life. It could be as simple as giving out Unexpected 20s. You’ll find lots of other big ideas on How to Care While Eating and Sleeping HERE.

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unexpected 20s

Want to get involved right now? Try sharing some U20s! This is a great place for individuals and small groups to start partnering with Big Table. Big Table provides small envelopes that you fill with $20 bills and give out when in a restaurant or hotel. Simple and amazingly effective. Look for one person working in a restaurant or hotel invisible to others, or one that is having a bad day. It very well could be someone in the kitchen or behind the scenes. Then give them the Unexpected 20 envelope with a $20 bill inside. Tell them it is simply a gift for them…no strings attached. This is not payment or a tip, it is a gift. After the Unexpected 20 is delivered email us with a story of what you noticed or felt at stories@bigtable.org.

Need envelopes? You can print your own or email coloradospringsinfo@bigtable.org to request some.

This is just one way to join Big Table’s mission to serve hope. Learn more about all the ways you can get involved below.


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