a vision of hope

Big Table began in 2009 when a Spokane native pastor moonlighting as a food critic noticed there was incredible need and very little safety net in the nation’s largest working population – the restaurant and hospitality industry. After an extensive nationwide search, Kevin Finch found that there was not a single non-profit focusing on the unique needs of industry workers in crisis. Compelled by faith to serve hope to those who serve us, Big Table was born.
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Accept the challenge of living out missional impact in the midst of what you already do every day. Open doors for your whole congregation to share the love of Christ with those most in need in our community in simple and practical ways. Everyone in your congregation has the opportunity to care because they already come in contact daily with those in the industry.


unexpected 20s

This is a great place to start for individuals and for small groups. Big Table provides small “tip envelopes” that you fill with $20 bills and give out when in a restaurant or hotel. Simple and amazingly effective.

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adopt a restaurant

You pick a restaurant in your neighborhood and Big Table provides the training and ideas for your congregation to begin to build long-term relationships and support. Perfect for small groups wanting to get involved in the community in a tangible and practical way.


one-on-one coaching

The heart of Big table is to see the transformation that comes through Christ, and the way we see this happen time and time again is through one-on-one coaching both by our team and by volunteer coaches we train and support as they walk alongside care recipients. We recruit and train these coaches from our partner congregations.


care blitzes

Throughout the year we organize care “blitzes” to encourage those in restaurants and hotels who are typically invisible. The best for church engagement is our Holiday Blitz on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that surprises fast food workers.


care flash mobs

Some of our care situations lend themselves to a greater need for financial and emotional support. With a care mob, we identify a person in need and contact their place of employment to arrange a time window for the surprise. Ten or twenty or more people individually show up during this window of time – each with a loaded Unexpected 20 envelope. The results and impact extend far beyond the very real help of the money given.


dinner and event volunteers

We host two large events and three amazing Big Table industry dinners each year. The dinners are cooked by top chefs around our literal BIG table that seats 48. The guests are those in the industry (cooks, servers, dishwashers, housekeepers, managers, and owners) and volunteers from the community serve them.

Let's serve hope together

There are so many ways to be on mission together to care for those in crisis.