You are committed to make a difference – giving time, talent, passion and energy to help others in our community.
All to create a better future.

Imagine the impact you can make – not only now but in the years ahead – for those in crisis in the restaurant and hospitality industry. You can help ensure that Big Table will always be there to serve hope and meet direct tangible needs through impactful care by leaving a legacy gift.

What Big Table does is change lives.
Bless your heart for all that you do.

Melissa | Care Recipient

Including Big Table in your estate planning strategically impacts an entire community for generations. Because the restaurant and hospitality industry is the lowest rung of the employment ladder, it will always be comprised of some of our most vulnerable neighbors needing someone to help catch them before they fall.

Big Table. Big Net. Our mission is to always be ready to provide triage crisis care and intentional long-term mentoring and coaching each time a referral comes in. And our vision is to grow into as many markets as possible to serve as many people as possible.

Big Help. Big Hope. Your intentional investment and generosity through planned giving to Big Table will continue to grow and help countless others even after you are gone.

So many stories of transformation will be created. So many lives changed.

So much hope served to those who serve us.



Big Table has two strategic funds you can contribute to, each impacting long term care to those who need it most. Rest assured, as our organization continues to grow, so will your legacy gift. Our commitment to you is that any funding you direct to Big Table will do exactly this… be used to care for those in the industry who are truly struggling to make it.


If you wish to benefit a certain Big Table city office, please be sure to include that as you share your plans with us and your legal advisor. We would be honored to accommodate your planned giving intentions.

Big Table is like a port in the storm.
It has reaffirmed my faith in people to know that there are people that still care.

David | Care Recipient


While only a few of us consider ourselves wealthy, many of us have innovative options to help our communities in significant ways. If we consider our full portfolio of assets – not just our bank account – there are so many options to intentionally and creatively share your legacy with Big Table.


Gifts by Will, Bequest, or Assignment

When you create a will or living trust, you can decide how your assets will be distributed upon your death. You can include provisions (bequests) that specify assets, amounts or percentages of your estate to be given to Big Table.

Downloadable PDF with more information on estate planning and bequest language here.


Endowing Your Monthly or Annual Gift to Big Table

You can choose to bequest your monthly/annual gift to the Big Table Care Endowment Fund creating a stream of tangible support each and every year. This is an investment that brings incredible dividends of hope for years to come.

Downloadable PDF with more information on endowing your monthly gift here.


Retirement Plan Assets

Your IRAs, 401(k), 403(b) and defined benefit plans can be shared with Big Table. This is usually done by filling out a beneficiary designation form provided by your plan administrator.

Downloadable PDF with more information on IRA Charitable Gifts here.


Life Insurance

Giving your life insurance policy to Big Table impacts the lives of so many.


Marketable Securities

Publicly traded stocks and bonds as well as stock options, stock in privately owned companies, and pre-IPO stock can be given to Big Table.



Other creative charitable gifts to Big Table could include your homes and other real estate, charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable lead trusts, real and tangible property, gifts of art, and intangible personal property (i.e. royalties or distribution rights).

The best part about including Big Table in your estate planning is that it is easy to do and always revocable, meaning you can change your bequest plan at any time. Many options have significant tax benefits, as well.

Witnessing care recipients’ reactions to receiving support is powerful because they feel seen and valued,
not by dollars but by strangers offering hope.

Jenni | Care Coordinator



We would love to start a conversation over coffee or on the phone about how you can leave a legacy with Big Table. We promise it is an investment that pays dividends like no other… dividends of hope and gratitude for years to come. Here are a few next steps:

  1. Contact us at or click the button below to learn more
  2. Seek the advice of your financial or legal estate planning advisor
  3. If you do include Big Table in your plans, we would be so grateful. Please be sure to use our legal name and federal tax ID
  4. Although not necessary, notifying us that you are leaving a legacy gift to Big Table helps ensure your wishes will be executed in the manner you intended and allows us to plan more effectively. Plus, we can add you to our group of champions, The Last Supper Society. So, do let us know!

LEGAL NAME: The Big Table

ADDRESS: 827 West 1st Avenue, Suite 425, Spokane, WA 99201


Specific bequest language can be found here.



We are grateful for members of our community leaving a legacy through Big Table. Those who share their plans with us are automatically inducted into The Big Table Last Supper Society and receive exclusive benefits Including:

  • Last Supper Society gratitude card
  • Exclusive organized events and insider updates for society members
  • Complimentary ticket to Big Table Eats Around the World each year
  • Acknowledgement on Big Table website and EATW program, if so desired