I keep looking outside to make sure the car is still there. I’m so thankful for it, it is such a huge relief. I can’t believe that you guys do all that you do. I’ve never experienced it before. Thank you.

As the youngest of four, Reebie was raised by an older sister. She moved from New York to Nashville several years ago. Her roommate – who also works in the industry – referred Reebie after she was in
a hit-and-run that left her car undriveable. A loophole allowed her insurance company to refuse to pay her claim, so she was burning through her paycheck on Uber rides just to keep her job at a local
fine dining restaurant.

In partnership with another non-profit, Mechanics on a Mission, we started working to get her a drivable vehicle. But not just any vehicle. Reebie ideally needed one that could pull a trailer she had in New York that she has long dreamed of turning into a vegan Puerto Rican food truck.

After some patience, we were thrilled to be there as Reebie picked up her perfect vehicle, a beefy and beautiful Honda Odyssey with the full tow package. She was in disbelief that we weren’t asking for anything from her in return. That’s thanks to your support.

After helping her get the registration and tags, we watched Reebie drive away with a huge smile on her face, knowing there is a bright future waiting for her just down the road.