Caring Through It All

I had some very dark moments and you helped me out of them. I don’t think I would be where I am if your support wasn’t there.

Joanne is a hardworking single mother of three who fled an unstable home just as the restaurant she served at closed. She was out of work and her family was out of a home. Big Table partially covered hotel expenses until she found housing and then paid first month’s rent. Shortly after, Joanne was diagnosed with colon cancer requiring immediate surgery. Unable to work during her recovery and treatments, we encouraged her while helping with groceries, utility bills, and Christmas gifts for her family. Sadly, she was forced to move again because her landlord sold the property. Joanne made the difficult decision to move to Montana to be closer to friends, and Big Table helped ensure she got settled and stabilized. Remarkably, Joanne is now in remission and was approved for a housing voucher that provided a secure home for her family. With Big Table care plus timely and hard-fought community support, her resiliency proves that despair does not have the final word.