Walking with Hope

I never questioned or thought twice if I was going to fall on my face because I knew Big Table had me!

A long-time Big Table volunteer and advocate, Chef Rosalie has always been one to help others. After a long bout of COVID-19, Rosalie experienced an infraction of the abdomen, shutting off her core muscles and leaving her without the use of her legs for months. Feeling isolated and out of work, a colleague referred Rosalie to Big Table for care. We helped pay her phone bill, keeping her connected to family, friends, and rides to the doctor. We also covered her storage rent, allowing her to protect her priceless belongings. Our team checked in on her often and regularly met for coffee, encouraging her through the healing process. We witnessed her determination and perseverance through excruciating rehab. Getting stronger every day, back to work, and now moved into her own place, we are thrilled life is so much better for Rosalie.